What’s up with all the nature shots?!

You may have noticed most of the shots on my site feature nature (the woman developing the site sure did). We live in a beautiful, wonderful world. I’m speaking of the natural world of course and sadly it seems that lot of people have forgotten this in their busyness and I don’t want you to. Nature takes care of itself, it maintains itself, it cleanses and purifies itself, it works harmoniously and perfectly within itself and it is not cluttered (until we humans get in there and muck it all up). I go to nature to recharge my battery, catch my breath and decompress. It’s my Refresh Button. I like to go to beautiful spaces as much as I can because it inspires and helps me keep my life in balance, making me better equipped to come in and make a difference in your life. For instance, it enables me to keep smiling as I do things like; sorting hundreds of boxes of tax info from the 70′s, or removing 20 foot strips of moldy wallpaper from a ceiling (seriously, who wallpapers a ceiling?!), etc. So when I was told to get pics of me for the site, I dragged Emily (the photographer) into Patapsco State Park, so she could catch me in my natural habitat (I think she had fun).

Web sites are created/designed to sell the people who go to them something. Since I’m an organizer and this is my website, I suppose I want you to know a bit of who I am prior to my arrival into your life, to possibly help you feel comfortable with your choice to seek assistance. Something that I know is not an easy thing to do. In the not too distant future, you may be entrusting me with your situation, so I’d rather you see real images representing me (as opposed to the staged ones that so many websites opt to use from an image provider) and read what some of my clients have to say about my accomplishments in their homes and lives. I’m someone who lives by what my ‘Life Is Good’ travel mug says; “Do what you like. Like what you do.” I’m lucky to be doing just that and making a living at how I naturally live and I hope to be helping you soon. Cheers!

Home Page pics: The first pic on my site has me in front of Bloede’s Dam in Patapsco State Park. I like to go there because those sound generating, running water noise machines just don’t cut it for me. Pic two is my favorite work day, wrap-up spot at Sally & Michael’s house. The third one of the expansive garden with the waterfall and red bridge is a picture I took on a trip working in Japan. I spent many enjoyable, therapeutic hours there and mentally go back for a visit often. Pic four is me following my daughter on the Swinging Bridge in Patapsco on one of our many bike rides. Definitely one of my favorite things. The fire pit shot was a warm, enjoyable and extremely cathartic method of paper shredding at the end of a long, productive day of staging and organizing a move at Roy and Linda’s soon to be former home.

Sidenote: You would have to venture to this location to find all of that info out, so Leigh (my website developer), don’t think that your point is lost on me. Hmm, I should probably get a new pic up due to the recent decluttering of my facial hair situation.