The Endeavor of Organization


The endeavor of organization is not a one size fits all scenario. That’s why all of the books and magazines you bought are still sitting on top of your clutter. If I see one more copy of that March 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Oprah magazine titled “Declutter Your Life” sitting on a pile of a client’s (you guessed it) CLUTTER, my head’s gonna pop off! What works for the author may make for great books and magazine articles, but the main ingredient for any successful organization process is (drum roll, cymbal crash!) …  Motivation. That is something that is absolutely impossible to put in a book. They don’t stock boxes of motivation on the shelves of any stores that I’ve been shopping in lately and without that, not much is going to get checked off that ever expanding to-do list of yours. Thankfully, I happen to contain an ever flowing source of motivation. Oh and guess what those Declutter Your Life books and magazines immediately turn into? Yeah, you know, CLUTTER!

No matter how many hours you sit in front of your cable channels watching people’s homes being miraculously organized for them, or scribble down the ideas tossed at you on Hoarders, your mess is still there. More often than not, it makes things worse, since you may have gone out and purchased great big storage tubs to put in your already clogged up pathways and added new scribble notes to your already overflowing piles of scribble notes. And sadly for some people, even a notice from the local authorities threatening eviction from their property doesn’t motivate them to take care of their eyesores and health hazards growing around them.

It (your mountain of stuff) took a very long time to get where it is today, it surely isn’t going to magically disappear overnight and it’s definitely not going to organize itself. Let’s get started making your life better!

Here’s an interesting statistic: Less than 10% of people that buy self-help books of any kind do not read them. And many that do read them, don’t apply what they’ve read. So… Before you buy your 30th book on organizing, please contact me, so we can get you closer to your ideal situation. I’ve got all the energy of that big, loud guy on that exercise thingy from those late night infomercials, can lift heavy things, can put items that come in big boxes together and have a vehicle that can haul away lots of stuff to Donationland.