• Personal Organization: clutter control and stuff removal/containment from the home, estates, office, apartment, basement,  closets, car, etc.
  • Time Management
  • Personal Assistant
  • Kitchen Audits and Pathways Toward Better Health, Fitness and Overall Wellness
  • Business Organization
  • Staging your home for sale
  • Moving Preparation and Execution: sorting, lifting, packing, etc
  • Clean Out and Hauling
  • Electronic upgrades and assistance: Smart Phone, Computer, Camera, TV, Audio/Video,  etc.
  • Contractor Assistance: Obtaining estimates, picking a contractor, overseeing the project
  • Painting Preparation: Clearing the space and walls for painting/renovation
  • Digitizing and archiving
  • Lifestyle Cleanse: Erasing bad habits and removing toxicity from your life
  • Downsizing: House to condo, or assisted living
  • Downsizing or (better yet) eliminating a storage unit
  • Or any challenge you’re facing and need some help with.


Since no two situations are alike and each of these categories can be a lengthy conversation unto itself, I find it best to talk through your personal situation to allow a clear understanding of what I can do to assist you. Please contact me via the information below to get started.