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National Do Not Call Registry

A handy page from Volunteer Guide gives many helpful tips on removing yourself from direct mail and junk mail lists


CDs and their jewel boxes are not recyclable through your weekly pick-up. Tips on recycling CDs and DVDs, as well as other “technotrash” can be found at

While it is a is a privately owned, for-profit company, contains recycling information for over 300 materials. Other good sites are…

Best Buy will take your old TVs, VCRs, computers, electronics, CDs, cables, etc. The next time you go there, look for the bins inside the front door to your right as you enter and take note of all the items they accept. You don’t need 742 telephone cables, or 38 miles of coax cables from your Comcast history in your house, so please give generously to the hungry Best Buy bins.


Salvation Army 1 800 SATRUCK



Red Cross


Baltimore County Reuse directory:

Or go to and pick your county.

For Howard County residents



My Zen Garden

A beautiful garden I visited in Japan