About Me

Why do I do it?

I love to see the smiling, happy faces of freshly organized people. Most important to me is that I actually love doing this. I’m passionate about helping people achieve their goals and have a harmonious life.Gene Barnett

What got me started?

I’ve always hated clutter and no matter where I am, or what I’m doing, my brain naturally shifts into organizing mode via a Terminator-esque drop down options list. “Hasta la vista, clutter!”

What makes me qualified?

In addition to the stereotypical acute attention to detail (that’s firmly and deeply embedded into my DNA) needed to be a successful organizer, I have what some people have said to be an exciting and interesting twist to the organizing world; I’ve been a stage manager, production manager and technician in the touring entertainment industry since 2005. This gives me a very different edge, background and perspective in dealing with the inherent challenges of organizing someone’s life. In the ‘big rock show’ concert world, as soon as the doors of the trucks open, a wide variety of obstacles get thrown at you throughout the day and it’s your job to make them go away as immediately as possible and put the show together. Spending my life in the midst of the chaotic adventures that are the concert world, makes it almost effortless to figure out what needs to be sorted and figured out in any given situation in the day to day lives of my clients. The proverbial light bulb to do this while off-tour clicked on one day after a sound check, as I was assisting an audio technician at my workbox (not your typical workbox, a 500 pound behemoth), when he commented that I had pretty much everything needed to deal with just about any situation that could arise during our typical work day. He also admitted that he’d been trying to stump me for a while, and finally asked: “What would it cost to get you to come to my house and stage manage my life for a couple days?!” We set a date, he booked the flight and for the remainder of the tour, I laid the plans/foundation for my organizing business. I couldn’t wait for the tour to end (who says that?!), so I could get home and get started. Organizing is just something that I naturally do, it’s how I live.

“All the world’s a stage” Maybe it’s time you got someone to manage your’s.

Oh…and in case you were wondering, I’ve never had an act in any concert I’ve managed go on, or come off-stage, one single second behind schedule.

My process

Gene Barnett writingDuring our initial meeting, I’ll assess your situation, we’ll discuss your challenges and define your goals. Then, I’ll come up with a plan and we’ll fearlessly dive into your project.

I will not leave you by yourself with a list of things to do. Whatever needs to be done, like:

  • sorting, dividing categories of items
  • recycling, donating, removal, hauling
  • time management
  • project completions, fixing items
  • building and or installing solutions
  • packing, labeling, relocating
  • filing and purging of outdated papers

we will come up with the ideas, and then do them together (relax, I still do most of the work). I come, I see, I conquer!

How I’ll work with you

Gene Barnett on his recharging rockI am not dogmatic and I don’t barge into your life and tell you what to do. Since all of us are unique in our own special way, we’ll work together to create a customized approach to your situation.

I’m environmentally conscious

My goal is to have as few of your beloved items as possible end up in a landfill. We’ll sell, donate recycle, re-purpose and repair instead of carelessly throwing things away.

I’ll respect your comfort zone

My objective is to make this process as easy and painless as possible. I’m not a One Size Fits All, or It’s My Way or You’ll Forever Ride on Clutter Highway organizer. I’m a “figure out how you live and function and come up with the best plan of action to make a positive change in your life” organizer.

kitchen drawer

Yes, I actually have drawers that look like this.