Happy Clients

Gene far exceeded my expectations. There was nothing I could throw at him that he couldn’t handle. And he had LOTS to handle! Most everything that left my house went to a new home, or the proper recycling facilities which made me feel good. He even dealt with the police when the house was broken into and secured the front door. And he’s geeky too; he sorted out computer problems on two of my old machines. I was at the end of my rope, yet he handled everything like he was taking a stroll in the park. Ridiculous! He needs to be cloned.  
~ MJ, Baltimore, MD


In one afternoon Gene made organizational sense of a home office that I had dreaded entering for the past two years.  I wish I had hired him sooner.  My home office, bedroom, basement, tool shed, and car used to all be sources of stress for me, but since having his help getting organized, they are all a source of pride when someone sees them.  He helped me make a separate wardrobe area for special occasions and shoes.  He hung all the tools and bikes up on hooks so that you can easily walk into the shed and find things now.  He made my cramped home office feel spacious and nicely designed so that it’s finally pleasant to sit in.

His attention to detail in controlling the dust and allergens that accumulate inevitably with clutter made the air nice to breathe again, and he even used a high powered vacuum to get rid of the old pet hair and dander that had built up.

This is a service that no one else seems to be able to do with the required skill and sensitivity that he has.  If you attempt to get help from a cleaning service, most of them will tell you they will not move personal possessions.  One went so far as to say they won’t even pick up a t-shirt off the ground.  Gene is definitely the best organizer I could imagine and the best gift you could give yourself, especially if you are looking for some anxiety relief or the health improvements (both mental and physical) that result from taking care of your environment.

I’m extremely grateful for the improvements to my quality of life that he made! ~ Anne, Pasadena, MD


Gene is worth his weight in gold! Well, he’s actually worth more because he doesn’t weigh that much.
~ Grace, Columbia, MD


I would highly recommend Gene’s service to anyone.  I decided to call for help because I was less than 2 weeks away from a move, stuck in a house amidst piles of clothes, books, house wares and assorted nick-knacks and was unable to decide what to do, where to start, or how to pack it.  I remember my hands were shaking when I broke down and called Gene the first time.  When he arrived, he quickly made me feel unashamed and hopeful.  With his help, direction and gentle prodding, I was able to make my move on time.

He helped me by imposing order on my move.  And it was painless!  No one hates moving more than I do and by nature, I’m a disorganized person (likely because I was nagged so much in my childhood, that I not only didn’t value organization, I had convinced myself that it was the natural enemy of the creative person).  For the first time in my life, Gene showed me and my teenaged son that order feels good, loving and preferable.  I don’t know if it is some sort of Zen magic or what, but it is the first time I’ve ever hired anyone who made my life better for the long haul.  Try him, he’s worth every penny.  I’m only sorry I didn’t learn about him sooner.  It would have been great to avail myself of his services a long time ago. ~ June, Howard County, MD


What a gift you have been to this household! When I first saw your “clutter control” car in Bethany Beach, I thought to myself; Wow….people really pay others to clean out their stuff? And yet, there I was jotting down the phone number.

The rest is history as they say, I think you have been to our home four times now, and every time you drive away, I feel such a sense of satisfaction and relief to know that yet another space in our home is organized. Together we have done it all, (and we aren’t finished!) from the basement to the attic to a closet…no area is too large or too small.

What I find especially terrific is that you don’t just toss everything out. There are distinct piles: what goes to be recycled, what gets donated and even what goes to our local animal shelter. You are very “earth friendly” and conscientious. Having a third party in the cleaning out process takes away the emotional and potentially confrontational aspect of the task at hand.

Thank you Gene, for putting your talent toward helping others, for your many useful suggestions, and for becoming a friend to this family! Looking forward to conquering more “cluttered” space!  ~ All the best, Sally Campion, Kent Island, MD