Organizing, Clutter Control & Stuff Removal

When you hire me, you are hiring focus, motivation and inspiration


  • Personal Organization: clutter control and stuff removal/containment from the home, estates, office, apartment, basement,  closets, car, etc.
  • Time Management
  • Personal Assistant
  • Kitchen Audits and Pathways Toward Better Health, Fitness and Overall Wellness
  • Business Organization
  • Staging your home for sale
  • Moving Preparation and Execution: sorting, lifting, packing, etc
  • Clean Out and Hauling
  • Electronic upgrades and assistance: Smart Phone, Computer, Camera, TV, Audio/Video,  etc.
  • Contractor Assistance: Obtaining estimates, picking a contractor, overseeing the project
  • Painting Preparation: Clearing the space and walls for painting/renovation
  • Digitizing and archiving
  • Lifestyle Cleanse: Erasing bad habits and removing toxicity from your life
  • Downsizing: House to condo, or assisted living
  • Downsizing or (better yet) eliminating a storage unit
  • Or any challenge you’re facing and need some help with.


Since no two situations are alike and each of these categories can be a lengthy conversation unto itself, I find it best to talk through your personal situation to allow a clear understanding of what I can do to assist you. Please contact me via the information below to get started.

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Happy Clients

Gene far exceeded my expectations. There was nothing I could throw at him that he couldn’t handle. And he had LOTS to handle! Most everything that left my house went to a new home, or the proper recycling facilities which made me feel good. He even dealt with the police when the house was broken into and secured the front door. And he’s geeky too; he sorted out computer problems on two of my old machines. I was at the end of my rope, yet he handled everything like he was taking a stroll in the park. Ridiculous! He needs to be cloned.  
~ MJ, Baltimore, MD

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