Project File

Here’s a glimpse into some projects I am currently working on.

Let’s Eat!

The budding young artist had no space to create and the family had no place to eat.  After we cleared everything off the table, chairs and floor, I discovered a gaping hole in the baseboard trim that was an unwanted and very expensive cold air vent from the outdoors.  I paused the organizing project, went out and got insulation to seal the cracks, and stopped the leak.  Once all of the clutter was out of the dining area, the walls got a coat of paint and the dining area was now open for business.  The child’s art supplies are contained in one unit where each activity can be removed while working and put back in its place when completed.

Your child is never too young to learn responsibility for their belongings. Children actually like the concept and are often faster learners than the parents.

Cluttered dining room

Good luck getting creative here.

Tidy dining room

Let’s eat!











Basement consolidation

The client had an out-of-control mountain of tax returns, family photos and videos, camping supplies, kitchen gadgets and utensils, boxes of silverware, and various household goods waiting to topple over onto the homeowner.  We sorted out the best containment system, which in this case was large utility shelving on wheels, so that everything could be easily located and retrieved.  In the process, we discovered mold in the corner of the basement and remediated the situation.  Now the basement is organized, everything is in its place, all is easily/safely accessible and is spore free.

Disorganized basement

Basement Jenga mountain

Utility shelving

The new happy, mold-free basement corner













The Home Gym

This photo came from my initial meeting with the clients in their “home gym”/comforter storage area.

Home Gym Project

“No sweat” is literally the motto in this gym











The “Amazing Collection of Stuff” Basement

This challenge is “quadrant 1″ of a very large, once overflowing basement.  Everything to be kept was divided, categorized and stored in protective containers.  Sadly, much of it had to go, due to water damage.  In this situation, I also found mold which we took care of, in addition to discovering and addressing a problem with their humidifiers.  This is a very important example of why you should not put off  the task of organizing.  Often there is an underlying problem that can’t be seen under the clutter.  More photos to come.

Amazing collection of stuff

Amazing collection of stuff to be dealt with